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Rewrite/Improve Boolean Modifier Page
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The current Boolean modifier documentation contains lots of unnecessary text and Capitalized words. A lot of it is old and incorrect information, and also contains barely-related info (such as how to recalculate normals).

Therefore I think the easiest solution is to rewrite the page completely, including only information relevant to the modifier.

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I'll take a stab at cleaning this up.

Is it possible to include the (imho) very important hint, that a Mesh has to be non-manifold to get reliable results being used with the Boolean Modifier? I had lots of time wasted to figure this out and tried all kind of solutions which didn't work until I finally found it somewhere hidden in the blenderartists forum.

Of course it would be even better to give a hint in the UI when having a Boolean Modifier including a non-manifold mesh. But having it in the documentation is a first step to help others ;-)

Is this still being worked on? If not I would be willing to step in