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It seems the Properties Editor is the only un-documented editor type (list). It's probably the most-used one, so it definitely needs some page to explain it and the various contexts (render/scene/world/object data...).


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Hey Greg,

The link in the description

It seems the Properties Editor is the only un-documented editor type (list).

is pointing to a broken link (
The real link would be:
I wasn't sure if this was a mistake or if the interface section was truly moving elsewhere.

Which location seems to make the most sense to you for the Properties Editor? I'm thinking either the Editors section or the Data System section.

I would like to take a stab at this once I get feedback on my proposed revisions to T43349. I understand that this would be a huge undertaking but a necessary one.

Ah yes, this task was created several weeks ago - we've since moved the interface section into getting_started/basics, so correct link is indeed

Documentation for the Properties editor should definitely go in the Editors chapter.

I think @Gaia Clary (gaiaclary) will probably take care of that "Window Types" page sometime, (by either removing it, or pointing the links to the Editors chapter once it has been written)

I'm struggling with the best way to incorporate images into this documentation. @Campbell Barton (campbellbarton) makes a good point that having too many images gets hard to manage but at the same time I know a picture is also worth a thousand words, give or take :)

Instead of making an image from each button/icon in the Properties Editor should I compile one master image with a meaningful description like so? Or would it be better to individually show each button with the section it is represented within?

(Also, I do apologize that I am not fast at this... I wish I could spend more time on this. I hope I am not hampering progress)

A single image that shows all the relevant buttons would be best - but the one you show there could cause a bit of confusion as the buttons are arranged vertically and not horizontally as they are in the interface.

I would suggest we add one image that shows the whole header of the properties editor (e.g. which we could then use in other pages too, and simply say something like "The first three buttons switch to the Render Properties, Render Layers and Scene Properties."

i have moved a document from the getting_started section to the editor section. This can later be added to or rewritten when the properties editor documentation is done. see:

Thanks @Greg Zaal (gregzaal).

The only think that is bugging me is that these buttons change depending on the selected object. For instance, there are some different buttons available for an armature than there would be for a mesh object. I have an idea, I am going to run with it and I'll report back or put in a diff for review.

@Gaia Clary (gaiaclary) - thanks! This actually cuts out a lot of work for me.

Should I submit a Diff for what I have so far if I want someone's opinion on what I have been working on? That may be the easiest way to show what I've got and show some of the placeholders for everything else.

While tackling the Render Properties of the Properties Editor, I'm finding a lot of stuff in the /render/* section of the manual that can use condensing, relocating, fleshing out, etc.

Otherwise, I could deploy it to my home webserver for someone's perusal. The diff is much more comprehensive in my mind.

Yep! A diff would be great.

The render section does indeed need a lot of work. We'd like to try and put all render engine-specific topics inside that renderer's folder, and only have general principles and topics that will apply to all renderers (e.g. image output, render layers (mostly)) outside those engine folders.

GiantCowFIlms claimed this task.

Its been a while since any progress was shared.

I made a picture for the properties editor.
Im not sure if its what people want but feel free to use it.

In general this image is nice.

Though the Tabs Per-Object Type, IMHO are too much a table-of-data which is not so easy to maintain, and not even all that useful.

But think the other 2 parts of the image are worth including.

I added an rst file and some pictures below.
The page explains the two types of tabs separately.

The page explains how the different tabs are shown.
The documentation is similar to the page below, but im not sure how to merge these pages.

Aaron Carlisle (Blendify) added a revision: Restricted Differential Revision.Oct 6 2015, 6:58 PM

@koil (koilz), Looks good, there are some minor wording tweaks but think its a good start.

For eg: The Properties Editor is used to add features, Probably should replace features with another word, or this could be phrased differently.

@koil (koilz), I've added you to the documentation project, so you can commit this directly to svn.

Agree merging this with contexts.rst, just copy-paste the text into the new file and remove contexts.rst from svn.

@Campbell Barton (campbellbarton)

Thanks for the nice gesture.

At the moment, I dont feel confident using svn to commit changes, it would probably be better if I use patches for the moment.
I would feel better with the commit access removed, :).


I agree the word features is a bit odd.
I thought "The Properties Editor is used to add and edit details for the..", may be a better sentence.

Committed rBM744, merged with context page.