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UV lost with fracture
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When I break this object with the cell fracture addon, I lose my UV on shards.

Good luck!

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I've forgot to mention : official 2.72b, windows 7 64 bits

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Would guess this was just never implemented? Campbell should know. :)

I can't say I lose the texture on shards; it generally looks right except each face is painted with the average of its UV pre-image, both in texture view and when rendered.


I'm having the same issue then I updated it to blender v2.72. After making cell fracture for the object the UV of shards doesn't look the same.

Windows 8.1 Pro 64 bit
Intel i7 3770
Official blender release 2.72


I am having exactly the same problem as the original poster, and it's infuriating. Have spent 2 weeks tinkering to see if I can get it to work, and no joy. I actually got it to work twice my first couple of tries, but nothing since then.

If you look at the UV map, it shows all of the vertices that were part of the original model as disconnected from one another, that is just dots and no lines.

You'd think you could just pin them and unwrap to fix the problem, but you'd be wrong! Even pinned, unwrapping moves all of the vertices around so the texture doesn't match what it was before the fracture.

I'm part of a team that is making a mobile game that uses fractured models extensively, and this bug has brought development to a screeching halt. Is there any information on the progress of fixing it? Looks like it was reported over five months ago and there's been no official response as far as I can tell?

Can I offer any additional information, since I have attempted a few hundred fractures over the last couple of weeks, with all manner of settings, models and textures?

WOW so just discovered something new.

If you look at the UV map, select a single vertex and zoom WAY in, you'll see that they're not just points at all... they're still quads but the quads have just been shrunk down to microscopic size!

That's why the texture appears 'low-res'... it's actually just a super zoomed-in view of a tiny spot of the texture, scaled up to fit the quad.

Does this piece of information help get this bug fixed faster? There's no way that I can see to scale all the quads back up again to their proper size on the UV map, so we still need a proper fix. :(

Just tried this on the first version of Blender that included cell fracture (2.64), and can confirm that this bug DOES NOT occur (I used the same .blend file that fails in 2.74). UV coords are retained post-fracture, all the chunks look just like their parent object texture-wise.

So something changed between then and now that essentially broke this feature for anything more complicated than a cube, it seems.

Unfortunately this doesn't help me, since I have Yosemite I can't run older versions of blender (I had to set up a mavericks install with a virtual machine for this test, and the performance is truly horrible... permanent full-screen flickering, constant screen repainting under the mouse cursor... keyboard keys don't work at all... etc. I was only able to complete the test because I've done the sequence of actions so many hundreds of times trying to make it work in 2.74/yosemite).

Can I at least get a response from the devs as to whether anybody on the team is even looking into this problem?

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