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Revert file in session
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Allow a "bam revert" command, which removes a file within a session and checks it out from the server again.

For a start, it would simply to a new bam checkout and then copy over only that file (so we keep the mapping - in a similar way to bam update). One important aspect tough is checking out the exact same revision of the session (which we do not keep track of currently).



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Probably its better/easier - if we just impliment local caching, since we need this anyway.

Then we can very quickly get the original file from cache. (and re-run the remapping operation).

We could also (very short term). do a checkout and just *hope* that the file reverted wasn't updated by anyone else - in practice its probably OK mostly, but its very much a temporary solution.

Have local caching working and bam revert uses the original files and replays edits on them to revert.

Committed rBAM535886c9155e64ed81a2b34c7104d08f36b267ac