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Blender Game Engine 2.73a - App crashes when in the "Blender Game" Mode and you start/stop 5 times
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Steps to reproduce:

Access Blender 2.73a
Drive from Blender Render to Blender Game
Accept default configuration (changing to something else has same effect)
Once in Blender Game:

a.  With mouse cursor in display window click "P" to Play
b.  Click the <Esc> Key to stop playing.

Repeat the start/stop steps and on the 5th iteration the application fatally crashes.



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Yeah happened same thing with me.But if I set my Choose Screen Layout to Game Logic its working.

which system do you have? Maybe Windows 8.1?

yes,my os is windows 8.1.
first when i change from render engine to game

after i hit 'p'.

after changing Choose Screen Layout to Game Logic

i've set logic bricks and then after i hit 'p'.

This regression is related (i think) with the change to SDL2.

More info:

  • blender 2.72b works
  • I think only occurs in windows
  • Maybe it only occurs when a joystick is connected (I have not tested well but I have other windows computer at work without joystick and I have no crashes)
  • Maybe related with: T43883 and T43876
  • Exception:

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Thanks for reporting