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Document Missing Nodes
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There are a number of nodes which have not been documented at all, mostly related to motion tracking.

If you plan to work on this, just add a comment mentioning which nodes you'll add (so that someone else doesn't start working on the same thing). When a node is completed, I'll cross it out.

The following nodes need to be documented:







(some info can be found here)




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I want to add the "Transform" node documentation.

temporarily claiming to edit description

Greg Zaal (gregzaal) updated the task description. (Show Details)

Yes. Hoping to get Bokeh blur and Bokeh image nodes done this weekend. Still trying to figure out what the 'Bounding Box' value does exactly.

Huh, I have no idea what Bounding does. Perhaps you could ask on Or try to find out who developed the feature and ask them personally.

I will work on the "Alpha Convert" node from the "Converter" group

Alpha convert is now done, but most info in glossary - rBM308, rBM309, rBM310

what is missing on the reroute and switch?

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Greg Zaal (gregzaal) updated the task description. (Show Details)

I guess Reroute and Switch look fine now.

Alexey (Inwader77) added a comment.EditedSep 17 2015, 4:47 PM

And else, Switch view(converter directory) node too.

So, I am new here and can't understand how everything works. I know about Movie Distortion, Plane Track Deform and Corner Pin nodes, and want to update that. Can someone guide me exactly how to post?

Here is the movie distortion node D1937 rBM1640
Still having some issues so, if I did anything wrong, do tell me so that I can rectify it while updating other nodes

And, here is the Plane Track Deform node D1940

I am also going to work on Stabilize 2D

I did some docs for Box & Ellipse: D2161

If that worked out, I may take on the rest of the remaining matte nodes.

Docs for Keying Screen: D2168

Next up, Keying node and Double Edge Mask

Keying Node: D2170
Double Edge Mask: D2175

Note: there are some minor bugs in the double edge mask node that are fixed in master: T49130 / T49128, so if you want to check that my works match reality, you'll need a development build of 2.78

Corner Pin Node

The Corner Pin node uses explicit corner values for a plane warp transformation. It works like Plane Track Deform node, but without using "plane track" data from the Movie Clip Editor.


Standard image input.
Four vector inputs to define the plane warping. (Z-component of vector inputs is ignored.)


Standard image output. (The image after distorting.)
A black and white alpha mask of the plane.


I'm a complete noob at this side of things, but I've added an explanation on how to use the InPaint node to StackExchange here:

The first (and only) answer was vague and really didn't address the problem that InPainting solves. I can see it as being a massive help in those fringe cases like wire removal and when you have to work with a chroma key that someone set up poorly (so you end up with holes in the actor's costume for instance).

I hope someone will run with this and document this exciting and overlooked little node. My example image is probably not sufficiently good quality to run on the manual but the setup is a breeze. Some CC examples of chroma-keying would be helpful to add too.

Aaron Carlisle (Blendify) updated the task description. (Show Details)

Thanks to everyone who helped with this! All nodes now have some level of documentation. We can now work on improving the quality of the text and adding some nice examples.

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