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missing pixels during texture projection
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System Information
win 7

Blender Version

Short description of error
applying high resolution image from camera leaves tiny dots all over model

Exact steps for others to reproduce the error

  1. make new diffuse paint slot with 4k white texture
  2. in image editor create black 4k image
  3. in paint mode project black image on model through "apply camera image"



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This has been fixed after the last fixes to perpendicular to view triangles, closing

those fixes supposed to be in 2.74 testbuild? at least bug is still there

There will always be a few pixels wrong . Some are probably caused by doing collision detection in screen space for faces and some faces ending up being culled due to being very close together, and some might be caused by slight precision issues during rasterization, where some pixels in the diagonals of quads are left unpainted. It's not easy to fix etiher of those without breaking another aspect of the system unfortunately, but if you disable culling and occlusion in the paint settings you'll get the least of those artifacts. If any of those are turned on, the system cannot easily predict if some faces that have a small area on the screen should be culled or not, so we end up culling them to avoid artifacts (weird stripes or missing pixels). What might work is to only cull those faces only if cullling (not occlusion) is on, but it needs more testing to make sure it doesn't break in other cases (unlikely) and probably won't get rid of every artifact either.