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force field noise wrong behavior (?)
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System Information
ubuntu 14.04, 640gt

Blender Version
Broken: 26f9a92

Short description of error

force field noise has an effect even with force field strength 0

with strength 0 and noise > 0 nothing should move

Exact steps for others to reproduce the error

download the file and bake the sims (no movement = correct) then change the noise strenght to 10 and play again



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No error here. Please describe what exactly you consider faulty behavior, otherwise we are left to guessing and may not even look in the right place.
I suspect what you were doing is baking one of the sims (smoke? particles?) but not the other, then they get out of sync with the settings. We want to overhaul all the caching and physics baking at some point, but until then you have to take care to bake everything separately.

this problem has nothing to do with caching/baking or the sim itself

the problem with "noise" is it adds strength (effect.c - line 826) but i think with "strength" set to 0 (=disabled) noise shouldn't have any effect (maybe i'm wrong?)

not bug related but.. here's a patch that adds the option to multiply noise with strength. maybe you can take a look? lukas?

I can confirm - the fact that the noise setting is additive is odd (even though common in nature), especially considering that noise can only go up to a strength of 10, thus having little effect on a force field with strength 1.000

Actually when I first came across the noise settings I thought it worked like Strength + Strength*Noise

Anyways, the fact that it is additive should at least be noted in the tooltip.