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Fullscreen doesn't activate if the 3d Viewport is maximized
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Tested on :

2.73 a

Gooseberry 2.73 # d92f591

When the viewport is maximized ( Ctrl + Up Arrow). Switching to 3d view fullscreen mode wont work. ( Alt+F10 nor from the view menu button ).



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@Dalai Felinto (dfelinto), is it something you're aware of or maybe there are technical issues why it's not supported?

Technically they could co-exist. But internally (and externally, as it is seen by the user) they are both toggling modes.

So what happens when someone goes from Normal, Alt+F10, Ctrl+Up, Alt+F10, Ctrl+Up? Should the second Alt+F10 goes back to the normal mode, or simply get rid of the UI?

In other words, everything is possible, but I would rather this is tackled first as a design decision agreed on. Then later we/I can worry about the implementation.

@Dalai Felinto (dfelinto), do you mind tackling the design decision here with artists and so? :)

Personally I stumbled on this issue by chance. When you think about it maximize window is a step between normal window and full screen , so maybe they should be switchable but different shortcuts make this suggest different modes.It would be nice if they used the same shortcut to switch from maximized to fullscreen (Ctrl + Up x 1 = maximize, Ctrl + Up x 2 fullscreen). That's my opinion on the subject.

Here's a flow chart that should work (for me at least :)

Changing this to design (we can change to todo later on). This shouldn't be considered as a bug.

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