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Getting color feedback in GUI Curve Editors
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How about getting colors in the Curve editors for all GUI curves?
I think this could be a great addition to user feedback, and could distinguish better those curves dedicated to color or height from those used for vectors, which I suppose can stay the way they are.

This is how it could look in the RGB Curve Editors.

And for brushes.




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Please do not make feature requests on this tracker - nor create TODO or design tasks. Those are reserved for people (devs) intending to work on it.

Feature requests and suggestions can be done in user forums like, or in our bf-funboard mailinglist.

What do you guys think? I basically like the idea, but maybe it should be optional or not so prominent. Maybe using a border colored like that with a bit of thickness is a better way to visualize this...

Sorry Bastien. I didn't know. And I think making a post in blenderartists will do no difference at all in development, at least with minor UI aspects like this. Do devs really look into blenderartists forums?

@yain vieyra (chaos), they/we do, it's just that we already have so many open todos and feature requests, that gathering even more isn't really helpful. In the time you get done one Todo, you get 5 more new ones :/

I understand. Will make a post in BA as well.