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Not a Bug Report, but a HUGE problem concerning Linking!!!
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We are in the middle of a TVC production. And as in the case of many serious productions where scene elements are subject to be altered at any given point by the client, we had to link (reference) many of our objects, we simply had no other alternative. Now, we need to use a "UV Project" modifier on linked objects that are rigged. I am merely stumped by the fact that we're helpless in this case!!! You can create a proxy for an armature, but as soon as you try and do so on any mesh object that the armature effects, a "dumb" extra copy is created at the world center that is just not good for anything. I tried setting up the source object with a "UV Project" modifier in its source file with a null (projection) object that I could create a proxy of in the main "Assembly" scene file where it could be constrained to the camera, but alas, to no avail. For one, the "UV project" modifier works almost exclusively (properly) with a camera as a projection object, therefore you need to use a camera directly in order to get the result you want. And in the case of a linked object, in which no original modifiers and/or constraints are accessible in the scene file it's linked to, you have no way of getting the job done, as in this specific case...

And another thing concerning linking that is also considerably "destructive"; we have characters with capes, garments, pony tails rigs driven by dynamics in our production. Since dynamic setups are virtually destroyed once the object is linked, how are we, "professional" users supposed to have them work for us in production?

I need to strongly emphasize that if this was a personal project where no potentially possible "revision" was in order, I wouldn't have even wasted my time linking objects, I would have just appended them, cuz what the hey, it's my project, I make the final decision. But in every "Professional" production, where the clients are always changing their minds about something at any given time, you can NOT afford to take the "Destructive" route. You need to reference each and every one of your source objects, so that when the client makes a change, the alterations you make in accordance are reflected across the board to all your scenes. Otherwise, it's a Living Nightmare while the race against seconds ensue...

Please note that we're not in the business of requesting an a-la Maya or something else feature or whatnot... I'm hoping that the point I'm trying to make reflects a universal necessity concerning non-destructive workflow. And I am aware that you would want me to have posted this on the blender-fun board, but I deem this to be a way more important issue that just be posted there and not even know if it would have been duly noted or not...





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Looking for workarounds, desperately; but as of yet, no solutions :*-( The client (like many) is literally jerk-off on wheels, requesting changes every day, and we have 15 shots in our film... Aw jeez, woe is us... :*-(

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Hi, first of all this isn't a support forum.

As far as I can tell you have 2 questions,

  • How to make a linked UV project modifier use the active scenes camera.
  • How to handle dynamics with scene linking.

These are both pain-points we're aware of but there are some ways to handle it (not elegant but its possible).

Best ask such questions on (community Q&A site).
You can link the questions in a reply here for reference.

Regarding your second question, perhaps this answers it, if not, ask a new question.

Thank you Camp. Like I mentioned, I was indeed well aware that this wasn't a support forum and only bugs are to be submitted here.

I must make it clear that I wasn't after any support for solutions regarding my problems, not at all. My aim was to make a point, and hopefully have the main dev team make a note of it and mark scene referencing improvement as a priority for future Blender builds. I take it that the foundation wishes a more widespread use of Blender, especially in professional/commercial projects. Hence, it goes without saying that a working and "efficient" referencing is a primary "Key" to that. What I really want is this very message that I sent be brought up in a meeting and eventually betterment of scene referencing be eventually included in the roadmap.

Blender is already a very elegant 3D software and fastly growing. The workflow it provides is fluid and in most parts non-destructive. I've read the road map list published on Blender's website on what's planned for 2015, and although I was excited to see that some of the troubled parts like scene dependency graph update were determined as priority improvements, I was dismayed to see that Linking was not...

If my message is carefully read and not easily dismissed as being just a mindless rant or petty fishing for support , it could just as well make it clear that "Effective" Linking is "more than important" and "Paramount" to non-destructive production. Whichever way it'll be perceived, the ball is in the dev team's court...

Thankx for your time.