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Mouselook actuator behaves badly at >60fps.
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When the framerate of the game is low, especially if it's taken up by logic processing, the new mouse look actuator behaves very 'jittery'.

To reproduce, use Blender 2.73 and run the sample file. Tweak the ITERATION value in the text editor until framerate falls below 60. Notice mouse-look becomes very unreliable.

Sample File:

The same issue was noticed by another user on SE:

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The same issue was obsersved on OS X as well as Windows 8.1.

Hi mpan3,

Could you download a dayly build to check if the issue is mitigated/solved?

The issue is still present in today's daily build (5721863).

If you change the always sensor by a mouse sensor triggering with the movement then It improves the behaviour a lot.

I tried that, same behaviour. As soon as logic takes more than 3ms to execute on my machine, I get very unresponsive mouselook behaviour, even if the framerate is still at 60.

An pair of additional questions, (sorry but it is difficult figure it without info):-),

which system do you have? and more important, do you have a setup with 2 computer monitors?

I noticed this behaviour on a single monitor Mac, a Mac with external monitor, as well as a single monitor Windows computer.

Here is a video capture of the problem:

Hopefully that helps.

Did you try adjusting the script to add a workload to the game?

Something is strange with the Mouse Actuator, remember to re-check this report whenever T43748 is fixed.

Also, I think that it is a problem totally related with T4096 / T41181

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Sorry I merge the task with a wrong one. Now I will do with the correct one.