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Copy Custom Properties
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This addon allows to copy the custom properties from the active object to the selected objects.
It also can take (all data types), and, and ob.pose properties into account (on armatures). There is a separate button under armature which allows to copy properties from bone to bone.

Simply install as usually (Install from File) and you should find a new Copy Custom Properties Panel and Button under "Object" Properties and "Bone" Properties.
Its only a simple addon, but i hope it might be useful.

There is also a small Blenderartist Thread regarding to this addon....

Will add a wiki page later, but these are 2 new buttons only basically...



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Hi, checked the addon, a few odd things...

  • Uses try/except with ambiguous outcome. (except Exeption)
  • Uses list comprehension for no reason (resulting list is never used.)

I'd prefer this just be added to existing Custom Properties panel, (can be RHS of the add button), but that could be done after fixing other issues and getting code into reasonable state.

I rewrote parts of this code now and converted it to a (python) diff... so a new "Copy" button should appear next to the Add button.
(on the Custom Properties Panel)

You have to select the target objects first and the active object will be the source object.

I removed the ambiguous try/excepts now and rewrote the list comprehensions as well now to regular nested for loops.

Bastien Montagne (mont29) raised the priority of this task from Needs Information from User to Normal.

Closing, since this is already being handled in D1318