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Blender 2.73x crashes on object with high face mesh count (2.72 is fine)
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System Information
Windows 7, 64bit, 24GM mem Geforce 630M and Asus video card

Blender Version
Broken :
Official 2.73a
But also other 2.73 versions like builds from lucas: MSVC12_A6_TM3_P1_Cuda
And 2.73-2fad313

Worked: worked in all 2.72 versions i had, official version and Lucas AS versions, Metropolis and gooseberry versions

Short description of error
Objects with a lot of faces crash blender on right click in object mode.
The high face count is a result of sculpting, and multires, (but also happens when i only use subdivide).

Exact steps for others to reproduce the error
I was sculpting a cat, first i created a cube subdivided it a few times, then i added multires modifier, with multires i subdivided again the model. While i created all this time i had no problems. Sculpting went fine. Then at some point because i wanted to create a hair layer. i applied the multires modifier, so far fine. This gave me a Mesh with 224256 faces. So far blender still worked fine and this drawing consumes only about 30Mb of memory. i can add other things in object mode etc. However when i go to object mode, and right click the cat, Blender crashes fast. I cannt see any error popup or so as Blender rapidly dies, the crash extis blender.

Tried various blender versions, exported the cat to obj and imported it again, still crashing.
I created a cube with a higher face count in similar steps and it also crashed 2.73 (not 2.72)

I cannot upload the file here its beyond storage limit of the bug tracker (8 Mb) so i zipped it into my public public dropbox folder here a link to the file : drop box link cat2



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It also happens with enough subdivides on a regular cube
But normally people dont do that, they are more likely get into this after sculpting.

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Did you try changing the select method in UserPreferences, System tab, and see whether one of the two do not crash?

Ok just tried that, it was set at automatic.
I think thats default ?.
When manualy set to "openGL oclusion queries", it does not happen.
In the other mode it crashes blender. ..

So automatic isnt selecting the required one or so?

(any way glad oclusion queries solves dont crash blender, and so its not a major problem for 2.73).

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Automatic tries to select best choice based on detected hardware and known GPUs that are failing for a given method, but it cannot be perfect, esp. when each new driver version may change things.

So thanks for the report, but this is not really considered a bug.

But strangley Blender 2.72 can use both modes for selection without crashing... (so this might not be driver related)

I also think that my system is not using the GPU for screen drawing ( the intel xxx4000 or so does that), and it doesnt know cuda

The file works fine here - win7 64-bit, 16 GB RAM, Geforce 970 GTX, today's build from the buildbot. Also with selection set to "Automatic".


I updated my intel HD4000 driver (after Sybren noted me about importance of openGL)
And me thinking a driver would likely update the openGL parts too.
And well so it did, intel driver 15.x.x.x.xxxx or so fixed this.
Now both methods work just as in 2.72