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Cycles - Displacement Modifier
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System Information
win 7, 32gb, NVIDIA Quadro K5000

Blender Version
Broken: 2.73a bbf09d9

Short description of error
Blender freezes during rendering process, if I add 2 subsurf modifiers and 1 displacement modifier on top of a simple geometry. Viewport Cycles Preview also freezes shortly, but blender come back 1-2 minutes later - works as expected.

Viewport preview


  1. Add 2-3 Subsurf modifiers to a plane
  2. Add a Displace modifier, set it to uv and added a texture to the slot
  3. Create a cycles material

blend file:

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that's not a bug - your poly count is just too high!

the viewport already shows ~8 mio polygons but for rendering (f12) it's even higher ~ 132 million for one object (insane!)

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I cannot even open the file with my 8GB of RAM. Closing as memory limitation.

Thanks nutel, but if I apply the modifiers it works as expected (polycount: 4,7mio)