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NetRender : In large projects the default set socket.timeout is to low
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Blender version 2.73(a)

NetRender : In large projects when pushing the "Animation on network" button, after a second or so a message pops up saying a socket.timeout is occuring and no rendering starts in the client. The master and slaves do proceed, but are unable to produce the correct files at the end (since no correct info from client).

I changed the default timeout to 1000 (instead of 300) (in the file - had no time to look in the netrender files) - is drastic but works just fine now for these large projects.

Could someone knowing the netrender -code fix this in the appropriate place(s) for the next update.


PS. To recreate the problem, just append 15 characters form CG Cookie Flex Rig in one scene and try to netrender it.

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Geert Masureel (GMBlender) created this task.
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Netrender has not been updated in quite awhile. While what is there is commendable, personally I've gotten tired of waiting for some very needed fixes, and started writing my own solution. The Blender Foundation itself is doing the same (see

In short, I suggest switching to another system, one that is and will continue to be up to date, in the near future (a few, namely Loki Render, exist now that will get the job done) to avoid issues like these that will continue to crop up. I can't really see NetRender getting any more TLC now that the focus is flamenco.

Sergey Sharybin (sergey) triaged this task as Normal priority.

Network render is already doing some magic about socket timeouts, increasing them when needed and so. It's not totally clear why modifying timeout in the it's important to understand where/why exactly timeout happens in the network render code. But currently this addon is orphaned and no actual development is happening.

Feel free to start contributing to it, but for now reports are considered TODOs.

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