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"Layered" option during autokey playback
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System Information
Windows 7, Nvidia Quadro k5000

Blender Version
Broken: 2.73a bbf09d9

When autokey is turned on and you press play and enable the layered option next to the play controls, you move an object around on screen and it records the information into keyframes but it does not create a new strip in the nla editor after every loop in the timeline.

Exact steps for others to reproduce the error
Press play and move around the empty.

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I’m not aware of any 'layered' option next to play controls? Can you please add a screen capture of it here?

Im not the original poster, but heres a screen capture.

First enable auto keyframe then press play, the Layered option should be visible in the timeline header.

Im not sure how its suppose to work, its use for none destructive auto keyframing.
The feature adds the linked action to an nlastrip when the user is recording (adding keyframes) with auto keyframe, when the time cursor passes the last frame.

I guess bizdizzle expected the feature to add the action to an nlastrip at the last frame, if blender is adding keyframes or not, or something else like that.

Thanks koilz.

I love the way that Blender allows me to record my mouse movements. I use it as a sort of puppetry for animation. The way I work now, I give myself a long range of frames and I act out my movement through the mouse movement, usually with a character's root or head or any other main control selected. It gets a bit cumbersome searching through the takes. If this layered option worked as it says in the docs, I expect it to allow me to generate a bunch of organized "takes"/nla strips that I can choose from to give me the best and most natural movement I can and throw away the other clips. I hope this makes sense.

Bastien Montagne (mont29) raised the priority of this task from Needs Information from User to Normal.

OK, see now. Not quite sure there is a bug here, to me 'Layers' means a new strip is added each time you press again 'play'… Joshua should know for sure. :)

Quoting a comment in the code:

/* if playback has just looped around, we need to add a new NLA track+strip to allow a clean pass to occur */

So looks like this should work and this is a valid bug.

Cannot reproduce here on a several-days-old branch forked from master.

Checking the code, the problem is probably that you've got the "only insert available" option enabled in the user prefs. Disabling that should make this work. The reason those two options can't work together is that the "only insert available" works by seeing what channels are available in the active action and inserting keyframes into those; if new NLA strips get created, that would cause the keyframing code to not do anything as it couldn't find any FCurves to insert keyframes into.

A fix to this might be to simply disable the "layered" button when this option is enabled.