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install issue
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System Information
Operating system and graphics card
gentoo amd64 gtx780x2
Blender Version
Worked: before that

Short description of error
When i compile blender it's ok, but when doing automatic installing it's stop with an error
I maintain git version on gentoo, and no one don't help me to do that. Please help

Thank you

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Bastien Montagne (mont29) changed the task status from Unknown Status to Invalid.Mar 24 2015, 1:00 PM
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Eeeeeh, don’t think this is an issue with Blender, looks more like an issue with Gentoo build system - looks like you add some customization to CMkae files here?

Our readme.html is now generated, no more static in sources, see src/source/creator/CMakeLists.txt (search for readme.html).