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3D View Multisample not working
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System Information
Win7x64 GTX660M v341.44

Blender Version
Broken: 2.73a, 2.74rc4 (vs)
Worked: 2.74.2 d97b974 (only custom build mingw-w64)

Short description of error
"Multisample" under "Window Draw Method" is broken.



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I assume you have SSAO/DoF enabled? It is a know limitation that the new viewport compositing effects and multisample don't work together unfortunately :/ (see

Closing this therefore, feel free to reopen if you haven't SSAO/DoF enabled.

Can't reproduce here (Windows 7).

A few things to try:

  • Load factory settings and see if there is any option influencing this
  • Make sure blender uses the correct GPU (check your system_info.txt file). It's unlikely that this is the cause, but let's cross that out of the list just to be sure.

Spot On psy-fi!

The "issue" is...

Its dual graphic card setup
and for some reason...
visual studio builds run on intel gpu
mingw-w64 builds run on nvidia gpu


I cannot for the life of me fathom why this would happen but if you can enforce the use of the other graphics card then we are closing for sure :)

for future dual gpu use reference (i think its called 'Optimus' technology):
in nvidia control panel you can add rule which graphics card to use for specified program
(strange in this case are the diffrent defaults - its fresh driver without any changes in settings)

maybe add this to some faq/things to check.