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translation does not work in spacebar search and in some node editor places
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Short description of error

  1. spacebar search always use english command name and totally ignore i18n translation. This can be sometime useful, but can be a good idea if the user can choose if use original command names or translated ones, similar to "interface/tooltips/new data" buttons (see User Preferences > System > Translation: )

If possible, I suggest to add a 4° button in preferences, as the user can choose if use original or translated command name in spacebar search.

  1. some panels in Property sidebar in node editor are not translated also if the corresponding string appears translated in the corresponding node box.

Exact steps for others to reproduce the error
Activate a translation and see.

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Not really a bug, but something we should tackle in future. Changing to todo.

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Super fast! :-)

like this, spacebar search commands are by default and always translated, isn't?

Yes, as long as you enable translation of interface (if you only enable tooltip translation, then it remains in english as all other button/menu/etc. label. :) ).

This is a long waited i18n feature (just thought it would be super hard to implement). Thank you so much Bastien!

@Bastien Montagne (mont29)
ok, so no specific button to toggle.
If not too hard, and when possible, I think is better to have a selective disable of this function for people that use translated interface but need to learn on english tutorials (or on very diffused translated tutorials with english commands).
I dont' know chinese, french or spanish situation, but a lot of italians tutorials and books use english terms so suggest to use english interface :-\, so I think can be useful to have translated interface but also a fast way to find english commands.
Of course, when peoples becomes more skilled, they can switch to all-translated interface because of course commands in native language are more easy and friendly to remember.

In any case, I quote leon: thank you so much! ;)