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I tried export/import my model and it was imported incorrectly. I don't know where the issue. Export or import is bugged with transformations.

video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y3rFvGzdPEY
Model: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/26887202/blender/temp_export_fbx.blend

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Could you describe what exactly is wrong? It's not really obvious from looking at you .blend

I guess transformations are incorrect.

Can you please submit a simple .blend file reproducing that issue? Your monster (once dupli particles are applied, we are over 3.5k objects and 150k vertices) is impossible to even use here (takes infinite time to import for some reason)…

This is my project file from my job. I have no simple version. I just found this issue now.
Sorry i have no simple file.

OK, so found an issue with material handling that was explaining the infinite import time… Fixed in master (rBA8366db568607).

As for your orientation issue, I cannot confirm it at all here, model imports fine. Please ensure you do use latest version of the addon (should be 3.2.2), and not some older one from e.g. your user directory?

I'll download latest build tomorrow and write you here if all is ok.

Sorry for late response.

I updated blender. But the issue is still here.
If you export the building without animation - all will be ok.
But if you export the building with animation checkboxes - there will be transform issues.
Here is the screenshot when i export with animations and then import fbx back.

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OK, can confirm with animation… Will check (but why using animation here? It makes exporting ten times slower :/)

Thanks for confirmation.

It was occasionally. As Animation is switched on by default. I just forgot to switch it off.
Possibly we need to switch animation off by default? As 90% of exporting we export static props for games. And about only 10% are animated objects/characters.