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Proposal on attachment mesh seams to uv-map layers
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When you have multiple uv-layers on mesh and need to unwrap each uv-layer with the individual seams - it becomes hard to do. Before you can unwrap the second uv-layer with another seams you have to erase the previous seams and make new ones. And if you need to redo the unwrap of the previous layer with the previous seams it becomes impossible because they are lost.

The solution would be to attach individual seams to each uv-layer.



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Before changing something to previous layer, you can use UVs menu -> Seams from Islands to recreate seams from UVmap.

Except if your model contains triangles, you can also keep edges seams selection as a vertexgroup.

It's not convenient if you need in the process of creating the second group of seams compare them with the first group. When you use a vertex group in this way you may receve unwanted result like in the picture

As always you can correct them, but if you have huge mesh it too difficult and takes a long time.

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Our team planned to implement this feature if it will be supported.