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I can not make export FBX files do not contain folders fbm
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System Information
Windows7 x64 SP1

Blender Version
Broken: 2.73a

Short description of error
I export fbx use all setting,but the fbx import unity away with the .fbm folder.But i not neet it,and i can't export fbx without the folder.I use the FBX 6.1 ASCII is not exist,but i have to use FBX 7.4.

Exact steps for others to reproduce the error
1.Build a modle and with material and texture
2.Export FBX and use FBX 7.4 binary
3.import unity

and here is the test project and fbx file

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I do not see any bug here? this is just part of FBX files (I assume…). Not a Blender bug anyway.

Oh,I want to export a FBX file without .fbm folder.I think in the export setting i can do this,just like i export without media file and .fbm.But i try all setting and i can't do this.
I edit the ""

2 line.

and export fbx without .fbm folder.
but it's not a good idea.

Andrej Ivanis (aivanis) reopened this task as Open.

Sorry for reopening this, but hazukiaoi might be right.
.fbm folder is for embedded textures, and it looks like Blender sets some property that says there are embedded textures, but leaves the list empty. I know we don't have official .fbx specification, but exporting from other 3d tools doesn't do this so fixing this would make Blender .fbx export more constant with other tools.