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Add frame range caching to Particle Systems
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Particle Systems currently lacks a way to define the frame range to cache.
Typical systems like Cloth, Soft bodies and Smoke have its own frame range separated in the caching options.
Particle Systems have options to define the start and end point of emission, but this is does not define the actual frame range to bake, because the effect of the Particle System depends on the lifetime of every particle, leading to cases when the Particle System stops caching before the actual simulation finished. e.g: before all particle died. Currently, the baking uses the Start-End frame range defined in the Render Settings, which is quite inappropriate.


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Please do not create TOD/design tasks yourself that way, those are reserved to developers intending to work on it. This tracker is not for feature requests.

And deciding what’s a quick hack is often not easy, even for experienced Blender devs - but I can assure you nothing about particles currently can be seen as such.