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Assigning mesh data to object with skin modifier doesn't update skin_vertices data layer
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System Information

W7 - 74 + GTX 970 (full system info:


Blender Version
Broken: 2.74 release (for windows 64) hash 000dfc0
Worked: don't know (haven't any old versions on hand that support skin modifier)

Short description of error

When assigning different mesh data to an object that has a skin modifier attached, the skin modifier fails, that is it does not show a skinned mesh.

When examining the mesh data layers for the active object the skin_vertices datalayers are gone

Exact steps for others to reproduce the error

(see attached .blend)

  • Select the Cube object
  • In the Object data tab: assign the Mesh data from the Icosphere
  • Observe failure (mesh is replaced by linked data, but no skinning is done)

In the Python console type:[0]

an error is printed:

IndexError: bpy_prop_collection[index]: index 0 out of range, size 0

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Yeah, there's too much ways to get this 'missing skin data' situation… we need a fallback manual 'add skin' button here.

Added a button to manually add skin data in cases like those, in the modifier UI - we just cannot keep track of all possible ways to end up in this situation!