Lopp Tools - Circle, geometry disappears.
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sorry for my english
Windows 8.1 x64
Nvidia GTX 560 1GB
Broken: Blender 2.74 Hash: 000dfc0, Blender 2.74 Hash:6c15f30

loop tools.
Choose a piece of geometry, loop tools - circle and the selected geometry disappears, rotate the viewport, and all geometry will disappear!
Object size = 5 cm, like in real life.
Ctrl+A - Rot\Scale applied
Look at the transform panel after Loop tools - Circle



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press Dell to zoom the object, but rotate the viewport and object disappears again

if you do:

  1. select geometry
  2. S + X + 0
  3. loop tools - circle

everything works without error

This probably happens because that the geometry has little distortion in the X axis

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Here is another example, everything is the same scenario, but with a slightly different result.
It happens because the selected geometry has little distortion, in this case along the X axis.

hi, you have matcap & backface culling turned on & other strange things going on in your .blend.
Turn them off & all works/is visible.
I would doubt this is an issue with the addon, rather an issue with your file set up.
Closing as invalid.