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I have a Mac which runs 10.9.5 and I am running the latest version of Blender. When I go to export my games I get the message: "Player Could Not Be Found. Runtime Error" Basically It hasn't exported


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Hi SkNYxx,

you have to set the blenderplayer path in the export settings panels.

Thanks for reporting.

Hi! I am using Blender 2.78a (e8299c8) on Mac 10.12.2 and I can't export the game with the export (save as a game engine runtime). I get the same errors (cannot find the player). There is not much documentation about that in the Blender Manual so I am asking my question here. Where the player should be? Does it have to be in the Applications folder? If I copy the path to put in the Player path field, it does not work. If I click on the browser option just at the right to find the player I get the error: Cannot activate file selector, one already open. Can you help me with that? I like this Game engine because I can do all my stuff in one place (Blender) and I enjoy avoiding to use Unity... Thanks

Update: In case you can find this useful. (it works)


the path should be something like: /Applications/ MUST BE directly in the application folder!

Copy this path and paste it in the Player path Field!