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Bone selection icon could be added next to Face and Vertex Selection in Weight Paint mode
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Hello. I want to suggest to add a Bone Selection icon in weight paint mode by side the face and vertex selection modes. It intents to be a better feedback on what selection mode the artist is using. Now it is like having only face and edge selection icons for mesh editing but not vertex because it is the "default" tool. I know the bone selection is not a mask tool like the face and vertex selection, but, at the end, all 3 are just selection modes for the artist workflow.




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Agree this is nice to have a button to activate this.

One detail though.
This isn't exactly in the same kind of button as vert/face select.

  • [Vert/Face] selection is mutually exclusive.
  • [Bone] selection can be set no matter the state of [Vert/Face] selection.

So I think its fine to add the button, but wouldn't align it with the other two.

Campbell Barton (campbellbarton) triaged this task as Normal priority.May 25 2015, 6:18 AM
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Unfortunately no. I don't have the knowledge to do it.

What exactly should be activated when the new bone button is on, and what should happen when it is clicked off? Is the new button supposed to be visible in Object Mode, and then clicking it switches to Weight Paint Mode?

Hi all :),
I am new to blender programming, and I nave a few questions about this quick task.

It seems to me that the current behaviour is:
if the user click on a bone (RMB) the associated vertices weights are shown, then a user can choose to use a face or a vertex mask. While in "mask mode" he can no longer select a bone , without first disabling the mask.

So, I guess, the button behaviour should be:
the button is in "pressed" state if no mask is active, than if the user activates a mask, it goes to "disabled" state. Here if the user clicks on the new "Bone Selection" icon, it disables the mask and the user can select bones.

Does this seems right to you ?

@Francesco Salvatore Spoto (SpotX) yes, although suggest to flip the flag, which avoids version bumping existing files, see: RNA_def_property_boolean_negative_sdna

If you get this working, making minor changes like this isn't much extra hassle.