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Texture Projection
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Project: Blender Extensions
Tracker: Python Scripts Upload
Blender: 2.70-
Category: UV
Python: 3.4
Script name: Texture Projection
Author(s): Nutti
Status: Open


I wrote new blender's add-on.
This add-on can project texture to mesh in View3D mode.

Here is usage.

  1. Press key U
  2. Click Texture Projection - Start Texture Projection
  3. Select faces which will be projected
  4. Press key N to show properties
  5. Select Image which will project to face
  6. (optional) You can change texture render state.
  7. Click Texture Projection - Project Texture
  8. Click Texture Projection - Stop Texture Projection

Also, I made tutorial video.

Blender Addon Texture Projection (v0.1) Tutorial


Any problems, comments and proposals are welcome.




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Hi, this is basically a minor workflow booster. We already can project a texture real time and preview the result in the viewport by transforming the uvs in real time.
It's great that it works for you but we try not to include every minor add-on like that in our official add-ons. lest we end up with too many.

Thanks for the patch but I will be closing this.


Thanks for your comment.
I understood your appointment.

However, I have a question about your comment.

Which offcial add-on you said real time preview?
Is this add-on exactly same as official add-on you said?


It's not an add-on. We have projection operator and uv transform in core blender. You can already see what part of the texture will be on a mesh in the UV editor.

There's also the UV project modifier which is real time.

Do you say offcial add-on must not combination of exist features?

Yes, if it's just one or two steps away from existing functionality it's not a good candidate for inclusion. That's why I mentioned "workflow booster" above.

OK, I can understand policies.
And sorry for my ignorance.