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Network Renderer Issues: (multiple error reports)
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System Information
Windows 7, AMD RADEON HD 6450

Blender Version
2.74 build date: b'2015-03-31', b'15:46:51'
AddOn Network Renderer Version 1.8

the Master of Network Renderer sets the job to finished even if at least one frame is on error, There is no way to restart the job.

Exact steps for others to reproduce the error
Start a job with one or more frame and force an error by stopping the slave with the last frame.

I already have a solution for the problem
in scripts\addons\netrender\ in method testFinished of class MRenderJob

or f.status == netrender.model.FRAME_ERROR

in line 138
( if f.status == netrender.model.FRAME_QUEUED or f.status == netrender.model.FRAME_DISPATCHED )


To Do

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