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Addon is not activated if being loaded from scripts directory specified in user preferences.
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You need an addon which is stored somewhere not in standard addons directory.

  1. Change Scripts path at user preferences ("File" tab) to somefolder
  2. Activate Add-ons tab
  3. Push Refresh button
  4. Find your addon
  5. Try to enable it

You will see "addon not found: your_addon" in console.

This is because sys.path is being set up only once at blender startup. So, unnecessary Blender reload is required to install an addon from user-defined scripts directory.

Fix is attached.

Alexander Romanov (Blend4Web Team)



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please specify blender version and operating system.
also this is a regression i would think.. so then try and specify a working version also.

This might very well be directly tied to T45147

Tried on windows 8.1 64bit with 2.75 rc2 64bit, and on Ubuntu 14.04.2 LTS 64 bit with compiled actual master branch.
I don't think that this is a regression. 2.74 and 2.73 have this bug (tried on linux)

This is behaving as expected, as noted in the tooltip, after setting this value arestarted is required.

The scripts directory needs to be known at launch. Even if this patch is applied - startup scripts wont have run, add-ons modules directory wont be in sys.path, and I'm not sure about presets paths.

For now this is a known limitation,
its possible to resolve, but need to check on all uses of user scripts paths.