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controller2.blend (Mancandy) in is broken
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It's great that there is a zip file ( of scenes to show off the new features in 2.42.

The controller2.blend file (ManCandy) is broken though, and was the subject of a blog entry on the Orange site

The fixed file is :

There was some discussion here, initiated by me on the broken rig, and was the stimulus for Bassam to fix the rig ! (Thanks again Bassam !)

The reason the facial animation stopped working was never explained however, it was thought to be something with IPO drivers --> driven Armatures + non-driven Armatures ?

Whatever the reason, controller2.blend still doesn't work with CVS or 2.42RC2. It would be interesting to know why, and more importantly to know if there are still problems in the IPO driver system.

This thread alludes to a possible IPO-driver problem :


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