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Image Sequence is not reported correctly in `bam deps`
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Short description of error
BAM deps doesn't list image sequences correctly (it only lists the initial image, ignoring frame_duration and frame_offset).

Exact steps for others to reproduce the error
Unzip attached file:

//sequence/ABC_####_L.jpg (e.g., ABC_0001_L.jpg)

Test either one of the .blend files with: deps --json filename

They all list the initial image only (//sequence/ABC_0001_L.jpg), while each one should instead list the ones they are using:






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Superseeded by BAT🦇

BAM has been superseded by Blender Asset Tracer (BAT). BAT supports many of the features of BAM, and is actively being developed. All open tasks regarding BAM are closed, and the project will be set to read-only. If you use BAM in your own project, please consider migrating to BAT.