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FBX import - mismatch in camera rotation
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The attached fbx file contains a camera object. When importing it into blender, the rotation values do not match anymore.

(ready to use blend with camera imported)

The animation goes from f1001 to f1171 (which in Blender gets offset by +1 frame, but that's a separate issue).
For reference, the original Z rotation values are:


The order of evaluation in the source file is ZXY, which then needs to be mapped to something else in Blender (did not figure out which yet).
I can provide the rotation for all axis if needed.

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Regarding the "+1" frame value, this comes from the fact FBX tends to start from t0, while Blender usually starts from frame 1… Making this decision automatically may not be the best idea, but otherwise we'd need to add yet another import setting to define a custom animation offset :(

Orientation bug is confirmed, somehow values in our 'intcode to orientation' mapping were pretty much crap, not sure how this could happen (since this enum is documented on official FBXSDK doc). :/

Thanks a lot! I've been testing this and it's working great. I'll open another task do better discuss the frame offset issue.

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Hello there! The problem seems to have appeared again with the latest release. Did anything change since then? Co you you please retry the steps in the description?
Thanks :)

Regression caused by rBA2f6c86c461c9974db22a775a4ab4db6deb9fc061.

We may need different correction matrices it would seem… I really feel like Franck, just have to go find myself a better branch than he did. :(

Hello there :)
Just checking in to see if any update on this would be possible. Thanks!

I have the same problem.
Pay attention to the camera angles, in Max they are correct, and in the blender are not correct.

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closing as archived, no activity since 2017

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