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Select shortest path (for Curves)
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Currently with meshes you can use select shortest path.

Ctrl+RMB to select the shortest path between the active vertex and the one under the cursor.

A similar version of this could be added to curves, so you can quickly select segments between 2 vertices.

This is quite simple since its only selecting a range of verts on a curve.


To Do

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I had a try and followed;10c1f208b724a87258f4751e01d6bc8a4488a694$96. This might be simplified for curves.

Anyway it works for curves and surfaces but it reports memory leaks after closing blender.

I can't figure out how MEM_mallocN works. If I pass sizeof(int) it crashes.

Ran blender with --debug-memory and it turns out that despite the call to BLI_heap_free the heap is not correctly freed.