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First bone in a Spline IK chain flickers (new dependency graph)
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System Information
Windows 7 64bit
mobility radeon 5650

Blender Version
Broken: Blender 2.75 RC2 (with new dependency graph enabled)

Short description of error
First bone in a Spline IK chain flickers and doesn't follow the curve (the curve is driven by bones that are a part of the same armature).

Exact steps for others to reproduce the error
Have an armature where a chain of bones is driven by a Spline IK. The curve is driven by other bones in the same armature via the hook modifier. When moving any of the control bones the initial bone in the chain flickers and can't decide whether to follow the curve or not.

I'm attaching a file with the chain setup. Move any of the control bones and the initial bone of the chain should flicker (have the new dependency graph enabled).



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There's a real dependency cycle in the setup, which is not reliable for updates. It's possible that one bject gets updated while it's dependencies are not quite ready yet.

Unless you can reproduce flickering without introducing dependency cycle wouldn't not consider it a bug for now. It is planned to look into some better way of solving dependency cycles in the new depsgraph.