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Automatically Offset Nodes on Insertion
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Automatically Offset Nodes on Insertion

Design task for D1373

Open Design Question:

How to visualize which nodes will be offset into which direction while transforming?



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Auto-offset landed in master, will leave this open for a couple of days though, just in case we need to re-discuss something.

Proposal for visualizing which nodes will be offset into which direction:
Draw arrows on links which will be offset:

Issues with that:

  • These arrows are already used between reroutes, so they might already be drawn. This could for example be resolved by drawing them differently (different color, different size, etc), or by hiding arrows while transform.
  • Tight node layouts - there might not be enough space for drawing the arrow.
  • Zoomed out view - arrows are drawn quite small then


  • Draw nodes or links that will be offset in a different color or with a slight different drawing (note that I'm not a fan of using color only to visualize such things, I guess we have many color blind users)
  • Draw arrow icons or similiar, like here (could also be an overlay)

The arrows are nice but might be too subtle and collide with the rerout arrows you mentioned.
Outlining nodes to be offset with some color or as if they were selected could be more visible and also more explicit since all nodes to be moved would be highlighted as opposed to the icon.

Ideally this could would be done with an actual live preview as one moved the to-be-inserted node around the others would be dynamically offset to their future positions, but that is probably a lot of additional work.

@Julian Eisel (Severin)

Arrows on links suggest the operation has something to do with links - it does not, it moves the nodes.

Here is a mockup for you. The nodes that will be moved are indicated by a slight highlight:

The highlight can be done in numerous ways, like an outline for instance.

Here is another one. A little icon that appears next to the dragged node (and moves with it), in the direction the pushed nodes will go:

Since we're still looking for a way to pre-visualize the auto-offset direction, I'd prefer to keep it open for the time being.

Might be worth updating the details then :)

From description:

Open Design Question:
How to visualize which nodes will be offset into which direction while transforming?

:P Or do you mean something different?

Ignore me, clearly I should get more coffee. I completely mis-read that.