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Consolidate Theme Options
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As @Julian Eisel (Severin) indicated on Twitter, there are 756 color options and 119 other options for themes.

The main issue is that each editor has their own set of theme options, which are all shared, in that these options apply to each editor but are set independent. Of the 17 editors, each has the same 17 standard color settings, a total of 289 - it could be 17. For example,

Unique theme needs per editor should be the exception, not the rule.


Consolidate all common editor options into a single, generic set. This includes: Theme Space Settings and Theme Panel Color primarily.

The best place for these to go is probably the User Interface category.


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Although this proposal gets a BIG +1 from me, I think it's nice to keep the possibility to set the mentioned theme options per editor (e.g. because I heard people color each editor different for teaching).

So I'd extend this proposal by adding a per editor option "Use Global Options" (or similar named) for Theme Space Settings and Theme Panel Color. It would allow one to use separate colors for this editor when unchecked. When checked we could simply hide these settings.
This way we would allow setting these options per editor, while keeping it being the exception.

Julian Eisel (Severin) triaged this task as Normal priority.Jul 7 2015, 12:58 AM

Setting priority to normal although I think it's actually pretty high priority.

I fully support this, the pain of copying colors to each and every editor while fine tuning a theme is approaching the ridiculous.I think this is a great example of where too much of a good thing (flexibility) , becomes flawed in practice.

When 'Global Options' is set to false, do we revert to the current situation where everything has to be adjusted separately? Because if so, a more elegant solution may be for the user to manually enable sections.
So you can have one section to control global colours, and the user can add an 'Properties panel' override, which enables/unhides that section.

This way the user can adjust only one part separately,while leaving the rest of the UI under global control.

Hi, I don´t know exacly where this post should go, I apologyze in advance. I read somewhere there´s a need to show (invite) the user to start using blender by placing a button so the user will know the splash screen will go away and he/she will start working on blender.

Consecutively there´s a need to invite the novice user to "try" any of the simplified blender workspaces. So I figured the features should be right up front inviting the user along with a short description of what the workspace does in text.

The huge large image to the left should be a featured artwork but there´s an option to left click on it and it will launch a URL with official Blender galleries. Since many of the nouvelle artists DON´T KNOW what Blender is capable of creating, the gallery should be a strong point to emphasize inspiration for the new commers of Blender. (Think of Artstation for inspiration). The url should point to or something similar.

Interaction and Keymapping presets are resolved immediately after identifying blender´s version. This is unmistakable to touch since each user with previous experience on another 3d package could feel right at home.

So, yeah. This is my splash screen proposal. I wish I could find the correct category to keep on posting things about the interface UI, Icons and themes. Thanks.

@David (activemotionpictures) sorry but this is not the right place for these proposals. You can create a WIKI page if you with the proposal. Design Tasks here should only be created by the UI Team or a developer after it's been discussed and approved.

The WIKI is here:

756 color options and 119 other options for themes.

holy shit !
has the situation remained the same?

I was tweaking the light theme a bit a while back, and indeed, i was also thinking, why not have a global setting, and then you can override it per editor or even per setting in an overridden section.
So there could be a 'theme space' etc section in user interface as default.

Also, since per editor settings for theme space and such are in their own dropdown category, could the 'object colors' per editor also be in a dropdown please, less scrolling when just editing the space colors.

There seem to be a lot of inconsistencies in button type used in headers etc too.

More settings, more control over theme would be nice, also in sizes...