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Disabling a sensor or actuator in the logic bricks breaks the python controller that calls it
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Version: 2.75a (Linux 64-bit)

How to reproduce:

  1. Open the attached .blend
  2. Inspect the script and play the moving spinning cube game.
  3. Start the game again with one or more sensors/actuators disabled (unchecked).
  4. Note that if the python script calls out a single deactivated logic brick, the rest of the script fails as though it didn't exist.

Expected Behaviour:

A disabled brick shouldn't do anything, but it should still exist for the python controller to call it without raising an error. It is useful for the user to selectively disable sensors and actuators by unchecking them, but if this breaks the whole script, it's not very useful at all.



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If you disable a logic brick, this one is not even created and therefore it can not be called from a script. This is a known limitation with deactivation logic system but it is not a bug. Sorry for the inconvenience.