Area light importance sampling improvement
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Turning on importance sampling on area lights increases noise on diffuse surfaces. Evaluating the area light PDF moves the sample position, which it shouldn't. This patch addresses this issue.

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That's actually a good catch, but the patch is not really correct. area_light_sample does not modify the light position in this case, it is ray_quad_intersect which does this. So the patch should roughly look like:

float3 light_p = make_float3(data0.y, data0.z, data0.w);
if(!ray_quad_intersect(P, D, t, light_p, ...)
ls->pdf = area_light_sample(P, &light_p, axisu, axisv, 0, 0, false);

If you can update the patch for this and also format it by git format-patch to include proper commit authorship i'll be happy to apply it.

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Found some time this morning. @Stefan Werner (swerner), the patch is now committed with the modification i've mentioned above.

Thanks for the patch! :)