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Material view broken in recent build
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System Information
Intel G41 win32

Blender Version
Broken: blender-2.75-23c7603-win32
Worked: blender 2.75a and all previous versions that had Material display in Blender render mode

Short description of error
Material display is visually broken in latest buildbot

Exact steps for others to reproduce the error
Here's the blend :

load it with "Load UI" enabled , you should be presented with this :

Now change solid display to material display, you should see this :

There i can already say it's broken, the normal map effect aren't correct in the arm and face in comparison to how they look in 2.75a/earlier

Then after some zoom in, rotate the view, etc... things will completely break visually after a few seconds :

My blender system settings :

I guess some of those viewport optimisations aren't that friendly with my intel g41 (that support opengl 2.1 ) , but it's really bad considering material view worked great in 2.75a and earlier

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Forgot to mention, but it may be important :

if i add a level 1 subsurf modifier, the visual is fixed :

but if i remove the modifier or set the level of the subsurf to 0 , it's back to being really badly displayed

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@Sanc Tuary (sanctuary) please always attach the blend and images here (and create smaller .blend, we do not need 20Mb one for such a simple case!).

@Campbell Barton (campbellbarton) @Antony Riakiotakis (psy-fi) looks like more winding issue…

This is not winding related, it is due to tangents which haven't been ported yet to looptri system, it's on my list to fix.

@Antony Riakiotakis (psy-fi)

Hi, you said you were looking into this, but since the report is assigned to me, I had a look at a patch just to resolve the obviously bad tangents.


However it it _should_ have special quad detection to give compatible tangents (as we discussed already).

You said you were looking into this, but if you didn't start yet, I could finish the patch off and support quad detection.

Side note, it would be quite nice to support tangents on polygons but seems quite a big reworking of mikktspace.

I've been trying to make baking code work at the same (which uses tangents). Patch looks OKish blender side but let me check the tangent code a little bit, see if I can bend it into shape.

Just posting to confirm after testing on from today's buildbot (folder named Blender-2.75.0-git.6b7313b-AMD64) that it is working correctly in several of my material view tests.
Thank you.

Sanc Tuary (sanctuary) reopened this task as Open.Aug 19 2015, 4:37 PM

Sorry to re-open, but since it has been fixed, i noticed in today (and yesterday too) build, material view is broken again.

blend is still available there and exhibit the re-breakage :
but i made a much smaller version with packed texture very scaled down so i can attach it here to make it easier to download :

Load with "Load UI" enabled to get the view directly to the object

what worked in 2.75a and worked after the bug previously mentionned in this report was fixed ( in ) :

and now in , it's just broken again visually, though a bit differently than before :

Tested in rB5668fc0, and it works fine for me. (Looks like

Latest build, rB4224d22039a802e8d3f3ee3a73b0c6f2b9d93883 also works for me, with/without VBO.

Could you please re-check?

just tested on

that is a few hours old on buildbot at the time i write and sadly i see the same broken material view.

it seems completely related to GLSL though as if i switch to Textured display and set the Shading (in the N panel) to GLSL instead of Multitexture, i see the same broken display.

Too bad the buildbot do not keep archives, as i had not tried any build since" " that had both Material and Textured/GLSL view working correctly and so can't say when exactly the problem started to appear with GLSL/Material view.

Additionally, i notice that if in Solid display i enable in the "N panel" Shading tab "Ambient Occlusion," Blender freeze for a few seconds and then just crash.
While the feature worked great both in 2.75a and in the last builds i tried back in July.

As you can't see it on your system and that my old G41 is using OpenGL 2.1and had no problem with the build from the 31 of July, could it be something requiring superior OpenGL that appeared in the GLSL code since the beginning of August ?
Whatever it is, it breaks anything GLSL for me while it worked great before.

It works fine here.

windows XP/SP3 32bits
version 2.75 (sub 4), branch b'master', commit date b'2015-08-20' b'02:50', hash b'a6457f2', b'Release'

Hi @Sanc Tuary (sanctuary), this is definitely a shader compilation issue, can you try running blender from command line with blender --d, opening the file in material mode and attaching the errors that appear in the command line?

You're right, after launching blender with --d , i see in the console when opening that blend :

GPUShader: compile error:

WARNING: 1:1: extension: 'GL_ARB_texture_query_lod' is not supported
WARNING: 1:2: extension: 'GL_ARB_gpu_shader5' is not supported

ERROR: 1:3: '' : extension : 'GL_ARB_explicit_attrib_location' is not supported

WARNING: 1:4: extension: 'GL_EXT_gpu_shader4' is not supported

I highly suspect intel and their "legendary" graphic chipset and their related drivers are playing a part in that problem

unfortunately i have not kept the build from the 31 july to compare the error message

This time it was the legendary absent mindedness of blender devs ;). At least that's fixable.

Just reporting to confirm that it's working great (and ambient occlusion is working again too) in today's build
Thank you for your work.