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Add visual warning for links between incompatible node sockets
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Add visual warning for links between incompatible node sockets


Currently, if a node link is between two sockets that are not compatible with each other, the link has no effect without making the user aware of it.


Draw node links between incompatible sockets red. Additionally, a warning could appear after connecting the node.

Basic implementation for the red colored node links: P244

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I think that they can be drawn as thicker lines so that they stand out more then the other noodles. although that could just be me because I am color blind

I like this @Julian Eisel (Severin). Is the red being pulled from the theme? In my testing it doesn't seem to be, but it probably should for the sake of compatibility with themes.

It's currently hardcoded in resources.c UI_ThemeGetColorPtr (colorid is TH_REDALERT). We could easily make this a theme option of course.

Maybe that's something that can be tackled in T45352

Yep, might be better :)

You can use a dashed red line. This would give the appearance of something being broken or not working.