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fast navigate is bugged if you are zooming with mousewheel
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System Information

Blender Version
Broken: since fast navigate is in Blender sculpt mode
Worked: never

Short description of error
When you have Fast Navigate enabled, zooming in/out with the mousewheel does not trigger it.

Exact steps for others to reproduce the error

To reproduce :

  • File -> Load Factory Settings
  • With the default cube, go to Sculpt Mode, add a Multires modifier
  • Go to Sculpt mode , add a Multiresolution modifier and click Subdivide 2 times
  • In the sculpt mode toolshelf, click on Options tab and enabled Fast Navigate.
  • With your middle mouse button, rotating the view left/right correctly trigger the Fast Navigate as the model revert to the level 1 multires during the process
  • Zoom in/out with mousewheel and you will notice that the model does NOT revert to the level 1 multires
  • Go to File -> User Preferences -> Input panel
  • Enable "Emulate 3 mouse button"
  • Back to sculpt mode, instead of zooming in/out with mousewheel, hold ALT and CTRL and Left Mouse button , move the mouse to zoom
  • You will notice that during your zooming process the model correctly revert to level 1 multires

Blend ready to use to fasten the test :

Load with "Load UI" enabled
Just zoom in/out with mousewheel, to see Fast Navigate doing nothing
Then zoom instead with holding CTRL+ALT+LMB to see Fast Navigate working



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Psy-Fi mentionned on the BA board :

"Hmm...well, the problem is that this is not a bug. Each mouse wheel step is a separate instantaneous operator, and fast navigate happens only for modal operators."

So not a bug, just a limitation of Fast Navigate, i guess this report can be closed