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Proxy of armature, remains in the src armatures mode on file reopen.
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Given a proxy of an armature as viewable in the attached files. I would like to place this proxy into pose mode from rest mode and assign an animation to it. This is possible with the blender UI. However, upon saving and reopening the tester_consumer file, the proxy of the armature reverts back to the mode that the source proxy is in.

Blender 2.74 Release



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Hey @Diet Coke (dlots), I'm not sure what I'm supposed to see or what I need to do to recreate this. Please tell us what you see, what you expected to see instead and give us precise steps on how to reproduce this.

Select the object gun_2_src_arma in tester.blend. Note it's pose_position property value, either Pose Position or Rest Position.

Go into tester_consumer.blend and select the proxy of this object, object_gun_2_src_arma_proxy. Assign a different value from the the value assigned to the source object and/or assign an action to this proxy. On saving the tester_consumer file subsequent to this value change and reopening it, the values revert to the values assigned to the src object in tester.blend.

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Thanks for the report, but no bug here, proxy only “copies”/overwrite a limited subset of its source, that is, object settings (and pose transform for armature objects). Things like pose/rest position are Armature datablock settings, which are simply not stored (along with many other things).

Enhancing this is on our TODO list, but not considered a bug right now.