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Proxy of armature, applying poses greyed out
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Given a armature that was linked from a file, a proxy is created of said armature.

Assigning a linked poselib to this proxy does not facilitate the application of poses in that poslib because the poses are greyed in the UI.

I have attached the relevant files.

Please see tester_consumer for the file that links from tester.

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IIRC, although the buttons are greyed out, they should actually still function.

The issue is that the UI code automatically greys out any buttons for data that it deems have come from a library file. However, in the case of poselibs, we can still safely use their poses (even if adding any more poses is likely to lead to any locally-added poses being lost).

Diet Coke (dlots) added a comment.EditedAug 15 2015, 12:02 AM
  1. How do we "use" their poses if is not possible to apply them? The utility of poses is:

The fast application of a set of transformations to a set of bones, as saved in a PosLib, with the use of the "Apply specified Pose Library pos to the rig" button, generally within the workflow of creating an action.

As the poses are greyed, it is not possible to correctly click on said button.

  1. I can imagine that it would be greatly useful to be able to link a pose to a keyframe in an action, where the rig maintains the pose at the keyframe on mutation of the pose in the PoseLib, and I'm guessing this facility is posibility in some fashion (scripting).

However, I have not yet read any documentation on how to accomplish this in blender. If this is facility of Blender at this time, I would like to read about it, perhaps this is what you mean by "using" a pose. If it is not, I will at some point contemplate adding a feature request for it.

Regardless, for the purposes of this issue, I am refering to the ability to apply a pose to the rig manually as discussed in #1, which is still a necessary facility regardless of any existence of dynmically linking a keyframe to a pose as discussed in #2.

  1. I'm not sure what the statement regarding locally added poses being lost presumes. I don't think mutation of a linked pose library is or should be possible. If you wish to create locallly added poses, a local PoseLib is probably the right place to do so.