Animated texture UVs do not update in 3d view during playback
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I've created a simple blender file with a plane and a material assigned to it with a texture. I've then animated the 'offset' material mapping property of the texture. Finally, I put the 3d view into Material mode. When I play back the animation, the display in the 3D view is not updated to reflect the animating offset value. This makes it difficult to animate this property correctly, since you cannot get visual feedback during editing.

If you manually adjust the offset or manually adjust another property that causes the texture to update itself, then the 3d view updates to show the appropriate offset. Also, the correct texturing is shown for rendered images.

Blender version 2.75 (sub 0), branch b'master', commit date b'2015-07-07' b'14:56', hash b'c27589e', b''


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example file:


blender crashes when I open file (uvAnim.blend) which you attached.

bpy.ops.wm.open_mainfile(filepath="C:\\work\\report\\uvAnim.blend", load_ui=True, use_scripts=False)
WM_operator_last_properties_store: storing properties for 'WM_OT_open_mainfile'
Thread 0: update object OBCamera
Thread 1: update object OBLamp
recalcob Camera
recalcob Lamp
Thread 0: update object OBPlane
recalcob Plane
recalcdata Plane
Thread 0: total 2 objects in 0.000336 sec.
  Camera in 0.000158 sec
  Plane in 0.000179 sec
Thread 1: total 1 objects in 0.000112 sec.
  Lamp in 0.000112 sec
Scene update in 0.000568 sec
wm_window_make_drawable: set drawable 1
read file
  Version 262 sub 3 date unknown hash
read file
  Version 268 sub 5 date unknown hash
DAG_id_tag_update_ex: id=OBCamera flag=1

version 2.75 (sub 4), branch b'master', commit date b'2015-08-06' b'15:07', hash b'44384c6', b'Release'

Not sure why there was a crash. I've created another file that demonstrates the problem. Open it and press play. I would expect to see the texture animating in the viewport, however the 3d view does not update. If you stop and then manually adjust the Texture in the properties panel by adjusting any of it's other values, the 3d view will update and display as expected.

This problem also occurs when animating the mapping scale property of the texture.

Sorry, the new attached file cannot open, too.
What is Viewport Shading set in with the file?
A latest buildbot build version has this bug.

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In both cases the viewport shading is set to Material. It needs to be in this mode to demonstrate the bug.

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Please try a latest build from (Not Gooseberry)

Also try saving your file in solid view and we will switch to material view on our end

Okay, I recreated it as best I can.

Ok can confirm but I think this is a todo though

Thanks - although could the status be changed? I don't think it's incomplete anymore.

Waiting on developers feed back

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GLSL shading does not support animation still, it's an old known TODO actually. So thanks for the report, but it's not considered a bug.