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Edit Object BGE, Added lamps do not work correctly.
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System Information
Win7 x64, NVIDIA geforce GT430 1gb.

Blender Version

Short description of error

Blender Fail

You can see the Blender Fail. Description of management in the Fail.
After adding lamps. working only one.

This is very important when creating a game.
If this does not solve, the blender will not in good standing_ with the game creators.

For example, the new candle on the wall to hang, there where the player wants.

This problem can be solved, if shut off Diffuse or Rename object, in playable game.

Because object not writable, and "use_diffuse = False" don't work. it is depressing.

thank you and sory for my english.



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Actually this is no Bug. Blender actually don't have deferred rendering and there is no good solution for forward rendering. Rebuilding the shader in the BGE will cause a very big slow down while the shader is rebuilding. And using a non static value in for a for loop in the GLSL shader will permanently slow down the rendering.
So the GLSL shader only rebuilds in Blender it self and not in the BGE that is the reason why you can't add the same light twice. You only can add lights that you already have on an active or inactive layer.
If you want to add more light you need to put some Lamps on the inactive layer and add this lamps to the scene if the player is in range or can see the lights.

There are some light manager scripts on Blenderartists and Blendpolis.

"use_diffuse = False" is bpy (Blender) API. Don't use bpy in the BGE. Bpy Is not for the BGE and will not work in the Standalone Player (Blender Player).
You need to use the bge API instead.

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