Lock To Cursor in 2.75 uncomfortable working
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Hi all!
2.75 a "lock to cursor" works differently than in previous versions. Now i mast to press Home to move the camera to cursor. Previously, it was enough to simply click. Its became very uncomfortable.


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Design/To do tasks are only for devs/stakeholder artists. This isn't a bug either. Merged this into T45301, please continue discussion there.

Hello I'm confused about " This isn't a bug either. ".
You said that in many bug reports.

It's clearly a BUG.
Version 2.69 no problem, you enable "lock to cursor", then if we click in the scene, we can move in the scene with a click.
Version 2.70 to the last 2.78, even if you enable this function here https://gyazo.com/f0361f0b7d5b9d2767cdb928feb3bbbf
Lock to cursor, enabled or disabled, it's don't change, it look like the function still disabled for ever.
Now if you don't understand what's the users say, i will make a video to explain your glitch.
So I will simply stay on the old version 2.69 till this problem is fixed.
Without the function Lock to cursor, it's simple a pain in the butt to use Blender.