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Search is very strict, and often fails to find anything
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Search strings with numbers (3D cursor, 3D view) fail to find anything.
This does not happen on the python docs.

In addition partial strings don't appear to work. For example, searching for "dupli" doesn't find any dupliobject pages.
The python docs do appear to list partial matches (you may need to scroll down a bit).



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Unless this is blocking our progress, improvements to Sphinx better be reported to them directly.

@Campbell Barton (campbellbarton) I thought that since these limitations don't appear on the python docs (these use sphinx too afaik?) this was more likely something specific to the blender manual setup.
As a matter of fact, partial matches and number searches appear to be working in the blender python API docs too.

Ah sorry for closing so quickly then, I thought this was some bug report for Sphinx.

Nevertheless, I looked into this and its seems standard behavior.

Python modules, classes, attributes do substring matches, regular text doesn't.

Eg: if you add this under a title

.. module:: fooduplibar

This will show up when searching for "dupli".

So this is working the same for our docs and's

See html options:

... so keeping this closed since its not something we can tweak on our end easily... afaics.