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Group Input order
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System Information
ArchLinux GTX 780TI

Blender Version
Broken: . blener-git 2.75.4 (master)

Short description of error
When selecting the SORT button of node Group Inputs reordering is not working as expected.



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Thanks for the report, but no bug here, 'Sort' is a UI list feature, a display-only thing, it does not affect at all underlying data (so it cannot reflect at all other parts of Blender).

Tom (t.ask) reopened this task as Open.EditedSep 15 2015, 12:13 PM

Did you try to use the upper right (pink) reorder arrows, when sort and/or invert was activated, too?

Depending on which combination you select, the reorder arrows either only affect the Group Input node, the UI list and/or inverts the behavior of the reorder buttons. It's a bit strange how all those UI elements behave. At least the invert button should also affect the reorder arrows behavior here.

PS: For making nicely readable node trees (visually) the order of the inputs can be very helpful. (No more crossing node connection lines).

Please do not reopen tasks yourself!

And again, the sorting option of UI list is only an UI option, a display helper, it does not affect underlying data at all. Which means up/down arrows work exactly the same way regardless of the UIList sorting settings.

Well, when a user inverts the list, then the up and down arrows should respect that, too. Currently inverting the list and using the up and down arrows is confusing. The selected item moves down when pressing up and vice versa! At least this behavior needs to be a fixed.

Alternatively, please disable the arrow keys when any *sort option* is selected.